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Here’s how far he got weaving during the show…

November 24th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions, The Artists at Work |

No, he did not finish it. He’s about half way. So I guess he has to come back in March for the Architectural Digest Show! 😉

Here are some photos of the process. Day 1, he strung the loom and started weaving. We had forgotten a fork for him to tighten the weave, so he used a plastic fork from the cafeteria. That did not work very well! The next day, we upgraded to the next level of technology and brought a metal fork along! That really changed the game completely! (He would have probably been done with the whole piece in a day using the plastic contraption! Would have been pretty loosey-gosey, though! Not up to his standards!)

Also, on the last picture you can see how he does not weave in ‘rows’, like you would knit a sweater, or how a loom with a shuttle would work. You can see how he comes up for an inch and a half with the colors on the left hand side, and later will bring the rest of pattern in line with that. Witchcraft!

The Felts

November 24th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

Here are some pictures of some of the felts we sold at the show. The spiral is called ‘The Way’, the other one ‘Lots of Dots’. Alibay claims there is a face in that one… I think he just made that up!

One of a Kind Show – Artist picks

November 22nd, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

Well, it was a good show for us, but more on that on the next post. First, let me deliver on my promise of picking some highlights for you!

The OOAK show in NYC is still in the process of defining its image – there were some excellent artists, and also quite a selection of equally excellent gift item-type vendors. Quality and uniqueness was on a high level for everyone, but it was confusing to the visitors to see $25 items next to $3000 items. So the show needs to find out where it wants to go – in the foot-steps of its big brother OOAK Chicago, or toward a Holiday Boutique kind of character. We’ll see. Good for us that we have three price points: the shawls, the felts, and the tapestries.

Anyway, on to the artist picks. Of course, this selection is highly personal – hey, it’s my blog, after all, right?

First pick: Carlos Page. He works in metal, concrete and wood, and while his art is a bit tough at times, his furniture is amazing. Tables, side tables, consoles, benches – seriously cool design and incredible workmanship.

Second pick: Jim Dee paintings. His work is abstract, and has a wonderful, warm and meditative quality to it. Big time OM!

Check out their websites!

One of a Kind Show, Day 2

November 19th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

Alibay is about 3 inches into his demo-tapestry, and our booth neighbors are starting to place bets whether he might be able to finish it by Sunday! Since we replaced the plastic fork he used for tightening yesterday with a real metal fork today (going high-tech!), the weaving has been denser and cleaner today – and slower, or course! We’ll see how far he gets!

Over and out, need some sleep!

Day 1 of One of a Kind Show

November 18th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

All set! Alibay is here, the booth is set, and Alibay is preparing his demo-loom for his weaving! Happy to report that the two big felts are already sold, and that it’s been quite busy. So far I have not had the time to look around and find some more artists to add to my link-list and share with you. Will do so over the next couple of days, I promise, and keep you informed! And yes, sore feet are certainly starting to develop, as they should on a show-weekend! 😉

Two more fabulous artists!

November 9th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Resources |

Just shopped at the Holiday Boutique of the Junior League of Central Westchester, and found two more amazing artists there! One is Cynthia Alexander, who designs and hand-makes jewelry using semi-precious stones, and whose addictive creations come with their own write-up about energies and powers of each stone. Really incredibly beautiful pieces. Check out her website at

The other artist is Robbie Heidinger, who is a ceramics artist. Her plates and trays are so beautiful that you will want to hang them on the wall as a sculpture rather than use them on a table! Check out her website at

And of course, don’t forget to come to the One-of-a-Kind Show Nov. 18 – 21!