One of a Kind Show – Artist picks

Well, it was a good show for us, but more on that on the next post. First, let me deliver on my promise of picking some highlights for you!

The OOAK show in NYC is still in the process of defining its image – there were some excellent artists, and also quite a selection of equally excellent gift item-type vendors. Quality and uniqueness was on a high level for everyone, but it was confusing to the visitors to see $25 items next to $3000 items. So the show needs to find out where it wants to go – in the foot-steps of its big brother OOAK Chicago, or toward a Holiday Boutique kind of character. We’ll see. Good for us that we have three price points: the shawls, the felts, and the tapestries.

Anyway, on to the artist picks. Of course, this selection is highly personal – hey, it’s my blog, after all, right?

First pick: Carlos Page. He works in metal, concrete and wood, and while his art is a bit tough at times, his furniture is amazing. Tables, side tables, consoles, benches – seriously cool design and incredible workmanship.

Second pick: Jim Dee paintings. His work is abstract, and has a wonderful, warm and meditative quality to it. Big time OM!

Check out their websites!

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