Day 1 of Architectural Digest Home Design Show

After a set-up on Wednesday with lots of rain and puddles, today was a sunny, balmy first show day, as nice as you could wish for! Not that we could really tell inside Pier 94, but the smiles on people’s faces and the rising temperature in the hall were proof of that! (Here’s a note to the organizer MMPI: how about replacing those 3000 spot lights in the MADE section with energy (and heat!) savers?!?)

Anyway, folks, this is a very strong show this year. Very worth visiting! I have not seen all that much yet, but the MADE section definitely grew, and there is so much incredible talent present, it’s very impressive. Wood artists are presenting furniture that makes you want to throw out everything you have in your house, but I also saw some incredible metal works, and a textile artist who creates exquisite quilts from Japanese kimono fabrics. I’ll get you the info and links over the next couple of days. Did not get around to it today, and I’m too tired to look all these artists up online right now! 😉

And there are also some favorites present from last year: Clark and Diane Renfort are back, with simply the most beautiful lamps around, and Joanne Williams and her incredible gold paintings moved to the Artist Project in Pier 92 this year – don’t miss her when you go there!

Alibay and Saule had a great time walking around and getting inspired, and taking turns with the weaving. They added a good 5 inches today to the tapestry on the demo loom. Photos will come tomorrow, if I’m not too tired! Thanks to all who came visiting us today!

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