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Back from Chicago!

December 7th, 2011 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

It’s quite a long way from New York to Chicago – particularly if you are driving through a snow storm in Indiana. But we made it, there and back, in one piece!

The One of a Kind Show Chicago is huge – REALLY. I think there were over 600 exhibitors, that’s a lot to digest for any visitor. I have to salute the Chicagoans – they are a very interested and appreciative audience, and love to hear the stories behind the pieces they like, and want to learn how things are made! A very pleasurable experience!

Below are some booth shots, with Alibay weaving his magic again. Alibay loved seeing a new city in the US, and after the show spent long hours at the Chicago Art Institute! Saule did not come this time, but hopefully, she’ll be back for the AD Show in NYC in March!

We were blessed with our booth neighbors – very talented, very supportive and lots of fun! Check out their websites when you have a chance: Brian Siewert, who brought an outrageously pink and purple piano and provided the perfect musical backdrop for the show, Earl Nesbitt and his wife, whose incredibly beautiful handmade furniture I had the pleasure looking at most of the show, Boris Kramer and his smooth flowing iron sculptures, and Kali Basi and her sister, sharing their vast show experience so generously with us!

I did not have much of a chance to venture out and explore the show, it was so crowded that any excursion simply ended up taking too much time. But here are a couple of further artist picks: Jim Budish (fell in love with ‘Bailey’, looks exactly like Rascal, my Labradoodle!), Mike Szabo (fabulous fountains!), and Anne Sherwin (exquisite paper quilting, and lots of great stuff under $100, so if you need a last minute Holiday gift, go to her website!).

That’s my digest for now, great experience, great contacts – gotta get some sleep now!