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Sacred Tree 2012

January 12th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions, General |

Take a look at this incredible new version of Sacred Tree. Alibay first designed this motif in 1998, and I recently asked him to revisit it. And what a result! The piece is absolutely magnetic. The background is a fantastic mix of blues, purples, and greens, (when I asked him about this, he shrugged his shoulders and said he could not find any black… soooo Alibay!!!), and the crisp colors of the Tree and all its glorious details are nothing short of magnificent. As usual, the photo does not do it justice! This will be our anchor piece at the Architectural Digest Show is March in NYC!

Just a little background about the story of Sacred Tree: Many cultures have myths and legends about a Tree of Life in their folk lore, and the Kazakh nomads are no different. The tree carries and supports all life in its branches, and bears abundant fruit itself. This particular tree, however, also contains a hint to a different tale from Kazakh mythology: The bird of paradise perched on top of the tree is Samruk, in Kazakh mythology a symbol of regeneration and the circle of life. Samruk every spring lays a golden egg, symbolizing the sun, in the nest of the Tree of Life, Baiterek, and every winter when Samruk flies away, a snake eats the egg, completing the circle of life, which starts anew with Samruk returning again in the spring. Check out the nest and the snake!

Tree of Life 2012