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AD Show 2012, Day 4

March 29th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

We redecorated a little bit for the last day, took down the grand piece ‘Creeping Time’, and gave ‘Blue Vision’ a better spot. That way, ‘Mountain of the World’ had a day in the sun! Lots of interest in both!

AD Show 2012 Artist picks #2

March 29th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks |

Needed a couple of days to catch my breath after the show! Lots of follow-up, great show, and Alibay left this afternoon for Kazakhstan.

So, here goes. In addition to Kirk Bauer (see below), we had a great team of booth neighbors! To our right, there was John Murphy, whose happy, colorful photography in neon frames worked exceptionally well with the Wild Chairy Furniture across the aisle. And to our left was Deborah Falls, whose paintings on silk were magnificently beautiful! And all of them were very supportive and a lot of fun – much appreciated during such a high adrenalin show!

I also revisited a booth neighbor from last year, Nico Yektai, whose furniture of wood, concrete and glass is incredibly beautiful. Good thing that my husband kept sending me emails like ‘remember you are there to SELL, not to BUY….’, otherwise I might have fallen for a seriously cool long and skinny hall-way mirror with a fabulous frame and that super cool little concrete ledge….

And by the way, how is this for super-nice: when we were packing up on Sunday evening, a rumor started circulating that we would be charged a penalty if we did not peel off our booth signage. Deborah had already left, and Kirk, without hesitating, grabbed his ladder, moved over to her empty booth and peeled off those letters for her!

AD Show Day 3: Artist picks

March 24th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks |

This morning we arrived early, and shoppers arrived a little late (I guess it was just too nice and springy outside), so I finally had some time to look around.

Sorry if I’ll sound like a bore, but of all the fabulous woodworkers at the show, I really think Earl Nesbitt, who was our booth neighbor at the Chicago OOAK show, tops them all. The way he approaches every piece of furniture, especially his tables, is truly artistic, and shows so much reverence and respect for the nature and uniqueness of each piece of wood he uses, bringing out the best of it. Such beautiful pieces, and once you sit down on one of his chairs, you don’t want to get up, they are so comfortable, and without a cushion!

And yes, a repeat again, my favorite painter, Joanne Williams is also back at the show. Her paintings radiate with light and positive energy, even the ones she keeps in the cooler blues and silvers. Just exquisite.

And here is a new pick, and this one happens to be our across the aisle booth neighbor! So great how we always get so lucky with such nice people around us! His name is Kirk Bauer, and he prints on brushed aluminum, mixing photography with hand drawn and computer generated lines. Incredible pieces, some architectural, some with natural motifs, and all truly magnetic. Check it out!

More soon, have three more super nice booth neighbors to tell you about, but need to catch some zzzzs now!

Day 2 AD Show: Two little demo pieces, and a fresh start!

March 23rd, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions, The Artists at Work |

Check out how Alibay cut the two little demo pieces off the loom, and restrung it today to start a new one. The little horse is very cute (that was the second piece) – alas, he forgot to weave in his logo! The first piece is a bit crooked – he started it at the OOAK Show in NYC in November of 2010, and forgot to bring his weighted beater with him to tighten the weave. So it’s pretty loose at the beginning, and much tighter later on, a little funky. Well, it worked to show the process!

Restringing took a lot longer than I thought, another step of the process I came to appreciate even more when witnessing it first hand – and all that on such a small loom! Don’t want to imagine what it’s like to string the big one. Alibay then did a quick rough sketch for a new piece, and mounted it inside the loom. He even had time for the edge and the first couple of rows! We’ll keep you posted!

Second new felt for the AD-Show

March 22nd, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

Here is a photo of the second new felt Alibay brought for the show, and an example of the Collage felt decorated on a bed.

Architectural Digest Home Design Show – Day 1

March 22nd, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

Alibay finished the second piece on his little demo loom! Tomorrow morning, he will cut both pieces off and re-string the loom. He’s been weaving these two pieces for 4 shows now: 2 AD shows, the OOAK New York, and the OOAK Chicago! Time flies!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show – Set-Up and Day 1

March 22nd, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

The usual chaos reigned on Wednesday for set-up, and also as usual, everything somehow magically came together for the show opening this morning!

Here is one new felt for the AD Show!

March 12th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions, General |

Alibay is working on a couple of felts for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, and here is a snapshot from his studio of one of them. Don’t know the title yet, don’t know the exact dimensions (should be large enough to cover a king size bed) – but it sure looks cool!

See you in 10 days at the show!

… something old, something new… (and blue!)

March 1st, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions |

Here are 2 more of the beauties that will be shown at the Architectural Digest Show this month (see post below for promo code to discounted tickets!)

‘Mountain of the World’ is a 2002 masterpiece from the archives, and ‘Blue Vision’ is one of the newest tapestries. Come see them up close and personal at the show! We’re in booth M107 in the MADE section – bigger this time!

Get your discount for Architectural Digest Home Design Show tickets!

March 1st, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Events and Exhibitions, General |

Sorry everyone, no free tickets this year! 🙁

But at least I can provide you with a promotional code to get a $5 discount on your ticket. 🙂 Go to the ADHDS ticketing site, and enter ARTBEYOND in the promotion code box. Looking forward to seeing you at the show! We’ll be at booth M107 in the MADE section! Don’t miss it: March 22 – 25, Pier 94, NYC! Alibay will be there and weave his magic!