AD Show 2012 Artist picks #2

Needed a couple of days to catch my breath after the show! Lots of follow-up, great show, and Alibay left this afternoon for Kazakhstan.

So, here goes. In addition to Kirk Bauer (see below), we had a great team of booth neighbors! To our right, there was John Murphy, whose happy, colorful photography in neon frames worked exceptionally well with the Wild Chairy Furniture across the aisle. And to our left was Deborah Falls, whose paintings on silk were magnificently beautiful! And all of them were very supportive and a lot of fun – much appreciated during such a high adrenalin show!

I also revisited a booth neighbor from last year, Nico Yektai, whose furniture of wood, concrete and glass is incredibly beautiful. Good thing that my husband kept sending me emails like ‘remember you are there to SELL, not to BUY….’, otherwise I might have fallen for a seriously cool long and skinny hall-way mirror with a fabulous frame and that super cool little concrete ledge….

And by the way, how is this for super-nice: when we were packing up on Sunday evening, a rumor started circulating that we would be charged a penalty if we did not peel off our booth signage. Deborah had already left, and Kirk, without hesitating, grabbed his ladder, moved over to her empty booth and peeled off those letters for her!

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