AD Show Day 3: Artist picks

This morning we arrived early, and shoppers arrived a little late (I guess it was just too nice and springy outside), so I finally had some time to look around.

Sorry if I’ll sound like a bore, but of all the fabulous woodworkers at the show, I really think Earl Nesbitt, who was our booth neighbor at the Chicago OOAK show, tops them all. The way he approaches every piece of furniture, especially his tables, is truly artistic, and shows so much reverence and respect for the nature and uniqueness of each piece of wood he uses, bringing out the best of it. Such beautiful pieces, and once you sit down on one of his chairs, you don’t want to get up, they are so comfortable, and without a cushion!

And yes, a repeat again, my favorite painter, Joanne Williams is also back at the show. Her paintings radiate with light and positive energy, even the ones she keeps in the cooler blues and silvers. Just exquisite.

And here is a new pick, and this one happens to be our across the aisle booth neighbor! So great how we always get so lucky with such nice people around us! His name is Kirk Bauer, and he prints on brushed aluminum, mixing photography with hand drawn and computer generated lines. Incredible pieces, some architectural, some with natural motifs, and all truly magnetic. Check it out!

More soon, have three more super nice booth neighbors to tell you about, but need to catch some zzzzs now!

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