Day 2 AD Show: Two little demo pieces, and a fresh start!

Check out how Alibay cut the two little demo pieces off the loom, and restrung it today to start a new one. The little horse is very cute (that was the second piece) – alas, he forgot to weave in his logo! The first piece is a bit crooked – he started it at the OOAK Show in NYC in November of 2010, and forgot to bring his weighted beater with him to tighten the weave. So it’s pretty loose at the beginning, and much tighter later on, a little funky. Well, it worked to show the process!

Restringing took a lot longer than I thought, another step of the process I came to appreciate even more when witnessing it first hand – and all that on such a small loom! Don’t want to imagine what it’s like to string the big one. Alibay then did a quick rough sketch for a new piece, and mounted it inside the loom. He even had time for the edge and the first couple of rows! We’ll keep you posted!

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