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Favorite new artist find for this show

March 24th, 2013 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions, General, Resources |

Here is my favorite new artist find for this show: sculptor Dick Shanley ( Such beautiful happy colorful pieces, smooth and elegant, really cool. And of course my two favorite wood workers are back, Nico Yektai (, and Earl Nesbitt ( Nico brought some incredible new pieces, in particular a long mirror with 3 irregular drawers – it’s a sculpture as much as furniture.

AD Show 2012 Artist picks #2

March 29th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks |

Needed a couple of days to catch my breath after the show! Lots of follow-up, great show, and Alibay left this afternoon for Kazakhstan.

So, here goes. In addition to Kirk Bauer (see below), we had a great team of booth neighbors! To our right, there was John Murphy, whose happy, colorful photography in neon frames worked exceptionally well with the Wild Chairy Furniture across the aisle. And to our left was Deborah Falls, whose paintings on silk were magnificently beautiful! And all of them were very supportive and a lot of fun – much appreciated during such a high adrenalin show!

I also revisited a booth neighbor from last year, Nico Yektai, whose furniture of wood, concrete and glass is incredibly beautiful. Good thing that my husband kept sending me emails like ‘remember you are there to SELL, not to BUY….’, otherwise I might have fallen for a seriously cool long and skinny hall-way mirror with a fabulous frame and that super cool little concrete ledge….

And by the way, how is this for super-nice: when we were packing up on Sunday evening, a rumor started circulating that we would be charged a penalty if we did not peel off our booth signage. Deborah had already left, and Kirk, without hesitating, grabbed his ladder, moved over to her empty booth and peeled off those letters for her!

AD Show Day 3: Artist picks

March 24th, 2012 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks |

This morning we arrived early, and shoppers arrived a little late (I guess it was just too nice and springy outside), so I finally had some time to look around.

Sorry if I’ll sound like a bore, but of all the fabulous woodworkers at the show, I really think Earl Nesbitt, who was our booth neighbor at the Chicago OOAK show, tops them all. The way he approaches every piece of furniture, especially his tables, is truly artistic, and shows so much reverence and respect for the nature and uniqueness of each piece of wood he uses, bringing out the best of it. Such beautiful pieces, and once you sit down on one of his chairs, you don’t want to get up, they are so comfortable, and without a cushion!

And yes, a repeat again, my favorite painter, Joanne Williams is also back at the show. Her paintings radiate with light and positive energy, even the ones she keeps in the cooler blues and silvers. Just exquisite.

And here is a new pick, and this one happens to be our across the aisle booth neighbor! So great how we always get so lucky with such nice people around us! His name is Kirk Bauer, and he prints on brushed aluminum, mixing photography with hand drawn and computer generated lines. Incredible pieces, some architectural, some with natural motifs, and all truly magnetic. Check it out!

More soon, have three more super nice booth neighbors to tell you about, but need to catch some zzzzs now!

Back from Chicago!

December 7th, 2011 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

It’s quite a long way from New York to Chicago – particularly if you are driving through a snow storm in Indiana. But we made it, there and back, in one piece!

The One of a Kind Show Chicago is huge – REALLY. I think there were over 600 exhibitors, that’s a lot to digest for any visitor. I have to salute the Chicagoans – they are a very interested and appreciative audience, and love to hear the stories behind the pieces they like, and want to learn how things are made! A very pleasurable experience!

Below are some booth shots, with Alibay weaving his magic again. Alibay loved seeing a new city in the US, and after the show spent long hours at the Chicago Art Institute! Saule did not come this time, but hopefully, she’ll be back for the AD Show in NYC in March!

We were blessed with our booth neighbors – very talented, very supportive and lots of fun! Check out their websites when you have a chance: Brian Siewert, who brought an outrageously pink and purple piano and provided the perfect musical backdrop for the show, Earl Nesbitt and his wife, whose incredibly beautiful handmade furniture I had the pleasure looking at most of the show, Boris Kramer and his smooth flowing iron sculptures, and Kali Basi and her sister, sharing their vast show experience so generously with us!

I did not have much of a chance to venture out and explore the show, it was so crowded that any excursion simply ended up taking too much time. But here are a couple of further artist picks: Jim Budish (fell in love with ‘Bailey’, looks exactly like Rascal, my Labradoodle!), Mike Szabo (fabulous fountains!), and Anne Sherwin (exquisite paper quilting, and lots of great stuff under $100, so if you need a last minute Holiday gift, go to her website!).

That’s my digest for now, great experience, great contacts – gotta get some sleep now!


Day 2 of Architectural Digest Home Design Show

March 18th, 2011 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

It’s very hard this time to pick artists, there is so much incredible talent represented at this show. It’s a huge show, in a lot of ways. A huge number of hugely creative artists presenting to a huge number of visitors – all that makes for a huge number of really sore feet! 😉

Anyway, let me start today with an amazing metal artist. Check out Gary Magakis’ website for a look at the beautifully proportioned and crafted furniture and lamps. Fabulous!

And since I’m partial to textile art, I love the quilts done by Kasuri Home, made of Japanese kimono fabrics.

There are a lot of outstanding wood artists at the show, and I’ll get you more info about some of those tomorrow. But for starters, check out Michael Baumeister for tall (and I mean, REALLY tall!) vessels and wood wall art that is elegant, unique, and actually looks more like ceramics than wood! Really cool stuff.

Gotta catch some z’s now! More picks tomorrow!

Day 1 of Architectural Digest Home Design Show

March 17th, 2011 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

After a set-up on Wednesday with lots of rain and puddles, today was a sunny, balmy first show day, as nice as you could wish for! Not that we could really tell inside Pier 94, but the smiles on people’s faces and the rising temperature in the hall were proof of that! (Here’s a note to the organizer MMPI: how about replacing those 3000 spot lights in the MADE section with energy (and heat!) savers?!?)

Anyway, folks, this is a very strong show this year. Very worth visiting! I have not seen all that much yet, but the MADE section definitely grew, and there is so much incredible talent present, it’s very impressive. Wood artists are presenting furniture that makes you want to throw out everything you have in your house, but I also saw some incredible metal works, and a textile artist who creates exquisite quilts from Japanese kimono fabrics. I’ll get you the info and links over the next couple of days. Did not get around to it today, and I’m too tired to look all these artists up online right now! 😉

And there are also some favorites present from last year: Clark and Diane Renfort are back, with simply the most beautiful lamps around, and Joanne Williams and her incredible gold paintings moved to the Artist Project in Pier 92 this year – don’t miss her when you go there!

Alibay and Saule had a great time walking around and getting inspired, and taking turns with the weaving. They added a good 5 inches today to the tapestry on the demo loom. Photos will come tomorrow, if I’m not too tired! Thanks to all who came visiting us today!

One of a Kind Show – Artist picks

November 22nd, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

Well, it was a good show for us, but more on that on the next post. First, let me deliver on my promise of picking some highlights for you!

The OOAK show in NYC is still in the process of defining its image – there were some excellent artists, and also quite a selection of equally excellent gift item-type vendors. Quality and uniqueness was on a high level for everyone, but it was confusing to the visitors to see $25 items next to $3000 items. So the show needs to find out where it wants to go – in the foot-steps of its big brother OOAK Chicago, or toward a Holiday Boutique kind of character. We’ll see. Good for us that we have three price points: the shawls, the felts, and the tapestries.

Anyway, on to the artist picks. Of course, this selection is highly personal – hey, it’s my blog, after all, right?

First pick: Carlos Page. He works in metal, concrete and wood, and while his art is a bit tough at times, his furniture is amazing. Tables, side tables, consoles, benches – seriously cool design and incredible workmanship.

Second pick: Jim Dee paintings. His work is abstract, and has a wonderful, warm and meditative quality to it. Big time OM!

Check out their websites!

Two more fabulous artists!

November 9th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Resources |

Just shopped at the Holiday Boutique of the Junior League of Central Westchester, and found two more amazing artists there! One is Cynthia Alexander, who designs and hand-makes jewelry using semi-precious stones, and whose addictive creations come with their own write-up about energies and powers of each stone. Really incredibly beautiful pieces. Check out her website at

The other artist is Robbie Heidinger, who is a ceramics artist. Her plates and trays are so beautiful that you will want to hang them on the wall as a sculpture rather than use them on a table! Check out her website at

And of course, don’t forget to come to the One-of-a-Kind Show Nov. 18 – 21!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show – Day 1

March 18th, 2010 by Administrator | Posted in Artist Picks, Events and Exhibitions |

Everyone must have been working through the night – this morning, everything was set-up and clean and beautiful and ready for the show! I’m very lucky, because I have the nicest booth neighbors, Joanne Williams with her radiant, beautiful work, and Clark Renfort with incredible hand-made wood and glass lamps! They look like graceful art-deco flowers. Exquisite. And to top it all off, both Joanne and Clark and his wife are the nicest people! Check out their websites, or better yet, come see the show! 3 days left!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my neighbors on the other side, have not yet had the chance to talk to them!