The Tapestries

Due to relocation, ART beyond borders is currently closed. Please feel free to browse this exhibition, and if you feel inspired, you can contact Alibay Bapanov directly on his Facebook page. So read on, and enjoy the visual feast of the tapestries!

Welcome to ART beyond borders’ tapestry exhibition, featuring the exceptional works by Alibay and Saule Bapanov, leading artists in their home country of Kazakhstan. For over 20 years, the Bapanovs have worked together creating intricate hand-woven and hand-felted tapestries, masterfully blending centuries-old weaving skills and Central Asian cultural icons with modern artistic expression.

The result is a collection of beautiful masterpieces that build a bridge from cultural heritage to modern art.

Bold color contrast or fluid color gradation, grand scale or small size, ethnic symbolism or universal abstraction – the Bapanovs excel in each endeavor, and with every new piece open up new horizons.

The tapestries are presented by size category: Grand, Large, Medium and Small.

Please also visit our blog for photos of the latest works by the Bapanovs. (Sometimes a piece sells before it ever makes it in front of the lens of a professional photographer, and then Alibay's and my snapshots for the blog are the only visuals!)

Enjoy browsing!

1_Creeping Time

1_Creeping Time Detail

2_Crazy About Green

2_Crazy About Green Detail

3_Night Archer

3_Night Archer Detail

Enchanted Flight (voilok)

Enchanted Flight Detail (voilok)

Mysterious Reflections (voilok)

Mysterious Reflections Detail (voilok)

Yellow Mountains

Yellow Mountains Detail